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A pragmatic vision for a progressive Scotland A pragmatic vision for a progressive Scotland
New ideas for Scotland from the Labour group at Westminster
Published March 2014. 130 pages.
Edited by Ann McKechin MP, and featuring contributions from Brian Donohoe MP, Rt. Hon. Tom Clarke CBE MP, Sheila Gilmore MP, Mark Lazarowicz MP, Ann McKechin MP, Iain McKenzie MP, Ian Murray MP, Sandra Osborne MP, John Robertson MP and Jim Sheridan MP, these essays aim to shape a new offer from Scottish Labour for a progressive agenda; one that is prepared to make difficult decisions to tackle the problems that affect our communities across the country.

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Towards the local Towards the local
Devolution and democratic renewal in Scotland
Published March 2014. 72 pages.
Edited by Trevor Davies, and featuring contributions from Des McNulty, Kenneth Gibb, Trevor Davies, Paddy Bort, Andrew Burns, Johanna Boyd, Charlotte Encombe, Lauren Currie, Neil McInroy, Dave Watson and Michael Marra, this pamphlet seeks to explore how power might be brought closer to people and thus helps to develop a renewed vision of devolution.

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Ambitions for Scotland Ambitions for Scotland
New ideas. A new generation of politics.
Published November 2013. 76 pages.
Featuring contributions from Sarah Boyack MSP, Margaret Curran MP, Trevor Davies, Kezia Dugdale MSP, Carol Finlay, Mike Freudenberg, Duncan Hothersall, Daniel Johnson, Richard Kerley, Catriona Munro, Maureen Parnell, Anas Sarwar MP, Drew Smith MSP, Francis Stuart, Katherine Trebeck and Diarmid Weir, and with a foreword by Johann Lamont MSP and an afterword by Iain Gray MSP, this pamphlet seeks a radical reassertion of Scottish Labour values and the benefits they can bring to the Scottish people.

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