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The Tyranny of the Tiny by Martin McCluskey

Our new Executive Committee member Martin McCluskey writes about how politics has never felt so small; Last week, Elon Musk launched a rocket that could take a man to Mars….

University 2

Brexit; Policy issues for Further and Higher Education

Jim Gallacher and Lucy Hunter Blackburn assess the impact of Brexit on further and higher education in Scotland; The impact of Brexit on further education (FE) and higher education (HE) in…

Emily Thornbery

Foreign Policy in Trump’s World

We were delighted to have Emily Thornberry as our speaker at the Scottish Fabian AGM on 27th January 2018. “Thank you to the Scottish Fabians for inviting me to be…

Fabian Review 2

A New Settlement

Martin Whitfield MP writes for The Fabian Review   With so much of our parliamentary time taken up with the Brexit debate, it is very clear to me and fellow…


Community Empowerment and Local Democracy

A democratic constitution not supported by democratic institutions in detail, but confined to the central government, not only is not political freedom, but often creates a spirit precisely the reverse’….


Brexit; Impact on the food and agriculture by Peter Holmes and Michael Morgan

Possible Impacts of Brexit on Scottish Food, Agriculture and Farm Animal Welfare and their policy implications by Peter Holmes and Michael Morgan Membership of the EU has provided the people…



“Over time I learned to see with the eyes of a stakeholder.  A different point of view from that of a builder.  A builder sees empty space as something to…


Nationalisation; Labour future or Labour history?

Two Fabian members, Chris Davison and Scott Nicholson discuss whether Labour is right to pursue a policy of nationalisation: Why Scottish Labour should pursue a public ownership manifesto by Scott…

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The Grown Ups in the Room

Peter Russell, Scottish Fabian and one of the founders of our Future Choices for Scotland project reflects on Keir Starmer’s recent speech on Brexit: There are two great problems in…

Anas Sarwar

We cannot afford another lost decade.

Anas Sarwar writes for the Scottish Fabians setting out his ambitions for Scottish Labour and the country: Our Labour movement is always at its best when we fight to build…