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A good day's work

Four in five workers in Britain enjoy their jobs, but job insecurity is on the rise and for a group of one in 10 workers – over 3 million people – work is not providing the fulfilment it should.
By Cameron Tait
November 2016.

March of the waiters

In the mid-19th century, Britain was a nation of makers with over one third of the workforce employed in manufacturing. But Fabian Society analysis shows the long-term decline of British manufacturing means it now employs only marginally more people than...

An Inclusive Future

The essays in this collection offer hope for a more inclusive economy in which disabled employees can play a full part.
Edited by Cameron Tait
September 2016

Higher pay is an opportunity, not a cost

According to a major group of employers, the introduction of the 'national living wage' on Friday created a ‘burning platform’ for businesses. Invoking the language of the organisational change guru Darryl Conner, the claim implies businesses are facing a choice...

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