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Majority of workers have no say on new workplace technologies

In a speech at the Community conference in Liverpool today, Yvette Cooper MP will present the emerging findings of the Commission on Workers and Technology.



New research from the Commission on Workers and Technology – which is chaired by Yvette Cooper MP – has revealed that nearly 6 in 10 employees (58%) disagree that their employer gives them the opportunity to influence how new technology is used in their workplace. As the Commission reaches its half-way point, the new findings show that while a large majority of workers’ jobs have been changed by technology, most employees have no say in the process.

She will say:

“As technology changes our workplaces, it is workers who should be in the driving seat. But our research shows that workers are too often being shut out of decisions that affect both their working conditions and their enjoyment of work.

“New technology offers the opportunity for a brighter future for workers. It can free us from demanding physical tasks, take over repetitive admin duties and allow us to spend more time on the most meaningful parts of our jobs.

“But there is an urgent need for politicians, trade unions and business leaders to act now to ensure technological change benefits everyone rather than widening existing inequalities. If we fail to prepare, we face a future where jobs get worse and workers’ voices go unheard”.

The Commission has spent the last year visiting workplaces and taking evidence from workers, academics and business leaders. Yvette Cooper will outline four initial findings from the Commission on Workers and Technology about the experience of workers on the ground:

  1. Technology is changing most people’s jobs but workers aren’t getting a say when this happens
  2. Many workers are positive about technology change but there is also bad practice with significant problems in many sectors
  3. Technology change risks worsening inequality
  4. Politicians, trade unions and business leaders must do more to prepare workers for change

More information about the Commission on Workers and Technology can be found here.

A background briefing note, which provides more detail on each of the four initial findings from the Commission can be found here.

Watch the speech here.

Yvette Cooper MP

Yvette Cooper is chair of the home affairs select committee, MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford and chair of The Changing Work Centre.


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