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Root and Branch

It took a big bang financial crisis to act as a catalyst for our political leaders to revisit some of the basic assumptions that have underpinned British competitiveness for the past 30 years. In the wake of the crisis, questions...

Why it matters: Universal childcare

Arguments for universal childcare have been around ever since investing in early years became a political priority under the previous Labour government. Many believe that the high cost of providing a universal system of childcare rules it out as an...

The referendum game

Despite recent difficulties the European Union is a great success.  Many others in the Balkans, in Turkey and Eastern Europe still aspire to join us.  Why should that be if it was the unmitigated failure portrayed by Europhobic politicians?

In the...

All of our business

We know what we are against, but what are we for? Ed Miliband struck a chord with many people when he contrasted the evils of ‘predatory capitalism’ with the virtues of ‘productive capitalism’. Almost all of us hate the banks’...

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