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One Nation in the World

New realities can offer new possibilities. This collection explores the choices, strategy and values that can guide the next Labour government.
Edited by Marcus Roberts and Ulrich Storck
February 2014


Barack Obama changed the rules of politics. Now Labour must do the same. Obama 2012 is the model for building an organisation based around a singular focus on winning.
Edited by Marcus Roberts
November 2013

Miliband’s majority

There will be voters who go to the polls on 7th May 2015 who weren’t alive when Tony and Cherie Blair posed outside 10 Downing Street on 2nd May 1997. They will have no memory of an event which is...

Labour's Next Majority

The combination of the recession and the coalition government has opened up new pools of prospective voters for Labour, particularly former Liberal Democrats and new voters (including first-time voters and voters who did not vote in 2010).
By Marcus Roberts
September 2013

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