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Restoring Trust

Michael Shanks MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West and shadow Scottish minister reflects on his first six months as an MP and why he believes politics can still make a difference.

Lean Budgets, Big Ambitions: Scotland's Path to Economic Prosperity

"Once you start thinking about growth, it's hard to think about anything else," as the Nobel laureate economist Robert Lucas once said. This rings particularly true for us in Scotland, and indeed for people across the whole of the United Kingdom. Daniel Coleman writes on the imperative of economic growth.

Breaking down barriers

Veronica McTernan had a gift for encouraging others, her daughter Maggie McTernan is following in her footsteps as she launches The Veronica McTernan Fund in her name to support women campaigning in their communities and standing for election.

Squaring the circle

If Labour should win the next General Election it faces the Herculean task of juggling public service revival, cost-of-living crisis mitigation, and fiscal credibility. Daniel Coleman, an economist and Edinburgh Labour campaigner asks how does Labour fix public services and deal with poverty amidst a fiscal crisis?


With social security partially devolved to Scotland since 2016, our proposals call on Holyrood to seize the opportunity of its devolved powers to lead the way on income replacement in the UK. Its proposals show the Scottish government already has the power to start to rebuild social security in Scotland around the principles of contribution, adequacy, and connection to work.

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