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The Local Health Service?

Getting the balance right between national, local and frontline control of our health service is crucial.
Edited by Anya Pearson and Ed Wallis
July 2015

Riding the New Wave

Labour is the party of social justice, equality and tolerance. How can it retain its relevance to a new generation of feminists?
Edited by Anya Pearson and Rosie Rogers
October 2014

How Labour can change Britain

Exploring some of the key ideas - from the economy to climate change and from education to housing - that could transform Britain for the better.
Edited by Anya Pearson
March 2014

Bringing slavery home

Steve McQueen’s new release ‘12 Years a Slave’ has its European premiere in Leicester Square today. Chasing the tails of Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ and Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’, it’s the third Hollywood movie in 18 months to tackle the difficult theme of slavery....

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