New powers have been devolved to the Scottish Parliament but the SNP government is running out of steam and obsessed with another independence referendum.  There is a desperate need for a radical look at how to make the Parliament and its powers work to change a Scotland that has been hit by years of austerity and decades of growing inequality.

We now have Brexit with real threats to our economy and social relations but Brexit may also bring not yet fully understood changes to the powers of the Scottish Parliament, to the rules and funds governing regeneration, agriculture, competition and many other policy areas, and to our human rights.

Whilst it is right to recognise that harm will be done by the EU referendum decision, we also look for new and continuing opportunities for progressive politics in Scotland. Above all, we must investigate how to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to make this country a better place: for working people, to promote equality and human rights, to defend those who need it most, and to protect the environment and develop and secure sustainable economic futures.

Our project “Future choices for Scotland” will ask academics and leaders in their fields to imagine what a post Brexit Scotland could look like.     We will host one day conferences in Edinburgh and Glasgow later in the year for our members to discuss the future choices for Scotland.  

Over the coming months we will feature contributions from the following as well as many others.

Prof.  Jim Gallacher

Jim Gallacher is Emeritus Professor of Lifelong Learning in Glasgow Caledonian University, and Honorary Professor in the University of Stirling and the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Laurie Russell

Laurie Russell is Chief Executive of the Wise Group. Laurie was Chief Executive of Strathclyde European Partnership Ltd.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown has been CEO and a member of Legal Services Agency since 1989.

Jillian Merchant

Jillian is a solicitor and a labour and trade union activist. She has significant campaigning and public policy experience.

Trevor Davies

Trevor Davies is honorary professor in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow.  As a councillor he was Convener of the Planning Committee for the City of Edinburgh Council from 2003 until 2007.

Articles in the series:

Finding our Place

Author: Trevor Davies



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