Who we are


Catriona Munro

CatrionaMunro (3)

Catriona is the current chair of the Scottish Fabians. She has been an active member of the Labour Party for many years and a candidate for Westminster and for the Scottish Parliament. Catriona is a practising lawyer specialising in EU and competition law.



Francesca Sellors

Francesca Sellors (2)

Francesca is a student of History and Politics and Edinburgh University and is Women’s officer for Edinburgh Labour Students.   She is also Contributing Editor for Young Fabian’s magazine.



Scott Nicholson

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Scott is a scientist who has spent the majority of his career within the NHS.  Scott sat on the Executive Committee of Scottish Labour and was a parliamentary candidate in both the 2015 UK Parliament and 2016 Scottish Parliament elections.




Joe Long
Joe Long
Joe is research manager for a national charity. He has previously worked in academic research and university teaching as well as in social care practice. He currently serves as political education officer for Dunfermline CLP.





Cat Headley
Cat-Headley (2)
Cat is an Associate solicitor at Digby Brown and graduated as one of the fist cohort of the Jo Cox Women in Leadership programme. Cat sits on the board of trustees of SAMH, Scotland’s largest mental health charity, as well as the Advisory Council of These Islands, a pro-union think tank set up in 2017.  She was a constituency and regional candidate in the Scottish Parliament elections in 2016.



Martin McCluskey
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Martin is a former political director for Scottish Labour and political advisor to the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and Leader of the Labour Party.   He is the Westminster parliamentary candidate for Inverclyde.

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