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The Labour leadership election and the Fabians

Everything you need to know about the Fabian Society and the Labour leadership election.



The Fabian Society is proud to be one of the founders of the Labour party and the party’s oldest existing affiliated organisation. As we are a socialist society affiliated to Labour, our members have a vital role to play in choosing the party’s next leader and deputy leader.

Join the Fabian Society to take part

The deadline for joining the Fabian Society to vote in the Labour leadership election has now passed – it was 5pm on Monday 20th January.

Members who joined before this time also need to register with the Labour party as an ‘affiliated supporter’ by Monday 3rd February (see below).

Voting by Fabian members

Members of the Fabian Society are entitled to vote in the leadership and deputy leadership elections and we strongly encourage our members to participate.

Fabian members who ARE members of the Labour Party do not need to take any action. You will receive a vote automatically. You won’t receive a second vote because you are a Fabian Society member.

Fabian members who ARE NOT members of the Labour Party need to register as an ‘affiliated supporter’ of the Labour Party. It is free to register, and the deadline is 5pm on Monday 3rd February. The Fabian Society cannot do this on your behalf.

When you register, you will need to confirm that you support the aims and values of the Labour Party and are not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it. You will also need to agree that the Labour Party can share the information you provide with us so that we can confirm you are a Fabian member.


Nominations by affiliates

The Fabian Society will not be making an affiliate nomination in the contests for Labour leader or deputy leader.

The society is not a factional organisation and our membership includes people who support each of the leadership and deputy leadership candidates.

For this reason it is our longstanding position that we do not make nominations in national Labour party contests. This is enshrined in our constitution which prohibits the society making a nomination in leadership or deputy leadership elections.

If you have any questions about Fabian Society membership and the Labour leadership and deputy leadership contests please email

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