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Revolt on the Left: Labour's Ukip problem and how it can be overcome

Labour's answer to the UKIP challenge must engage on matters of policy, message and organisation alike.


UKIP divides the Labour party internally. To date, senior Labour figures have been unable to agree whether a UKIP really problem exists and, if it does, how problematic it is likely to prove.

‘Revolt on the Left’ argues that UKIP poses a clear and present danger to Labour’s 2015 hopes and, left unchecked, could threaten to pull apart the party’s historic electoral coalition and challenge it in large swathes of its heartland territory. It incorporates new demographic analysis that, constituency by constituency, measures UKIP’s threat to the two main political parties.

To tackle this threat Labour must pursue an optimistic message of changing communities together, a strong policy agenda that targets the root causes of UKIP considerers’ concerns, and a reformed Labour party that practices movement, rather than, machine politics.

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Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts is a former deputy general secretary of the Fabian Society.


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