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Fabian Review – Spring 2008: Fabian Review - Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 Healthy Issue of the Fabian Review makes a range of policy proposals and arguments and reveals new insights into the public's views on health


  • Fabian Review – Spring 2008
  • By Tom Hampson
  • Published 1 March 2008

This Spring’s healthy Issue of the Fabian Review makes a range of policy proposals and arguments and reveals fascinating new insights into the public’s views on health in our YouGov poll, kindly supported by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Mary Creagh MP writes that children who have not been vaccinated shouldn’t be able to start school and is backed up by Sir Sandy Macara’s proposal that vaccination should be linked to child benefit.

Hannah Jameson outlines the results of our health poll which shows that people do want a preventive health service, but want support not “nannying”and highlighting once again that people feel it is a truly British national institution.

Louise Bamfield argues that cycling offers such great benefits to both the cyclist and wider society, that children should be given a voucher from government to buy a bike as a way of dramatically improving preventive public health.

Dr Howard Stoate MP expresses his outraged that drinks firms like Carling, Chang and Carlsberg are allowed to sponsor football teams and tournaments and calls for a ban that would receive widespread public support.

Tom Hampson asks Dawn Primarolo why the Government can’t take the battle over healthy food to the food manufacturers and supermarkets.

Neil Goulbourne writes on how Labour can win on health.

And Sir Michael Marmot outlines how better joining up of Government could improve health equality.

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Tom Hampson

Tom Hampson is a partner at Soapbox. He formerly worked as editorial director for the Fabian Society.

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