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Counter Culture: How to resist the culture wars and build 21st century solidarity


Whether the arguments are over statues or footballers taking the knee, our political and media debate is increasingly dominated by talk of culture wars. For some on the right, an all-out assault on ‘wokeness’ is seen as an easy way to unite their base. How should progressives navigate their way through these wars?

In this pamphlet, Kirsty McNeill and Roger Harding argue that we all have a role to play in denying the culture wars peddlers the fight they want. Instead of letting people distract or divide us, we should build a new solidarity strategy, with a positive offer for the future and a confident account of our history and identity. We all stand to gain when our common life is focused on the things we share and when we work together to ensure everyone has an equal chance of living a life full of dignity, joy, love and hope.

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