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A future without poverty: A joint report

The Fabian Society and Bright Blue present a range of perspectives from left and right on tackling poverty.


Both The Fabian Society and Bright Blue are dedicated to generating policy ideas to enable people from every background to live prosperous and fulfilling lives. We may not always agree with each other on specific policy recommendations, but we are united in passionately believing that the levels of poverty in Britain are shameful, and that public policy and resources should give priority to supporting those who are vulnerable.

A General Election is just around the corner. The political mudslinging is escalating. But we wanted to buck the trend and create a cross-party space for people from different political and social backgrounds to come together to share their experiences and find common solutions to poverty.

This pamphlet is the start of the conversation. In it we bring together ministers and shadow ministers, thinkers, campaigners and people experiencing poverty to write about their vision for a future without poverty. With such a broad coalition committed to action, progress on poverty is possible.

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Andrew Harrop

Andrew Harrop is general secretary of the Fabian Society.


Ryan Shorthouse

Ryan Shorthouse is the founder and director of Bright Blue and a former Conservative party policy adviser.


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