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Fabian Society publishes ‘The Road Ahead’ by Keir Starmer MP

The Labour leader sets out his vision for a 'contribution society' in new Fabian pamphlet


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Today the Fabian Society publishes The Road Ahead by Keir Starmer MP. He joins a long line of Labour leaders who have set out their programmes for government in Fabian pamphlets.

The Road Ahead argues that our country is now at a crossroads. Down one path is the same old insecurity and lack of opportunity. But down the Labour one is something better: a society built on everyone’s contribution, with high-quality services, security and opportunity.

In the pamphlet, Keir Starmer sets out his vision of a fairer, more secure and prosperous Britain, built on Labour values. He proposes 10 principles for a new contract between Labour and the British people, which together make up an ambitious plan to remake our country.

The pamphlet is available to download here

Key extracts from the pamphlet are available here

Commenting on the launch of The Road Ahead, Andrew Harrop, Fabian Society general secretary said:

“Today Keir Starmer joins a long line of Labour leaders by setting out his agenda for government in a Fabian Society pamphlet. ‘The Road Ahead’ presents ambitions for a Britain that works for workers and businesses and that puts families and communities in control.

“The Labour leader’s vision of a ‘contribution society’ has the power to unite people from every background who want to see equality, security, responsibility and collective action back at the heart of British politics, in place of individualism, selfishness and free-market dogma.

“The Fabian Society looks forward to working closely with all parts of the Labour movement to develop the policies needed in the post-pandemic world to bring to life this exciting and ambitious prospectus.”


  • The Fabian Society is an independent left-wing think tank affiliated to the Labour party, founded in 1884
  • The pamphlet, like all publications of the Fabian Society, represents the view of the author not the collective views of the society
  • Andrew Harrop, Fabian Society general secretary, is available for interview


Emma Burnell, Fabian Society media consultant –, 07851 941111

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