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FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference 2021. Rebuilding: Choices for the Left


The FEPS-Fabian Society new year conference was held online over the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th January and we were joined by leading members of the shadow cabinet, expert speakers and over 600 attendees.

We met as the left in the UK and across Europe needed to look to the future, after Covid-19 and after Brexit. The conference discussed what policies are needed to transform our society, economy and politics and a fresh vision for tackling the climate crisis and building a new partnership between the EU and UK.

Speech and Q&A

Keir Starmer MP | Leader of the Labour Party
Chair: Ailbhe Rea | New Statesman

 Angela Rayner MP in conversation with Deborah Mattinson

Crisis and recovery: the left’s economic alternative

Anneliese Dodds MP | Shadow chancellor
László Andor | Secretary general, FEPS
Michael Jacobs | University of Sheffield
Chair: Sienna Rodgers | Labour List

Firm Friends: How should the UK and EU work with Biden’s America?

Lisa Nandy MP | Shadow foreign secretary
Andreas Schieder MEP | Global Progressive Forum
Mark Leonard | European Council on Foreign Relations
Chair: Andrew Harrop | General Secretary, Fabian Society

Keynote speech and Q&A

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP | Shadow home secretary
Chair & Introduction: Sara Hyde | Chair, FWN

In conversation

Jon Ashworth MP | Shadow health secretary
Chair: Dr Martin Edobor | Chair, Fabian Society

In conversation

Kate Green MP | Shadow education secretary
Chair: Fiona Millar | Journalist and author

 Climate emergency: how can the UK and EU lead together?

Ed Miliband MP | Shadow business secretary
Saïd El Khadraoui | FEPS special adviser and former MEP
Kate White | WWF
Farhana Yamin | Track Zero and Chatham Houss
Chair: Charlotte Billingham | Senior policy adviser, FEPS

Public service futures: the left’s alternative to the crony state

Rachel Reeves MP | Shadow Cabinet Office minister
Rokhsana Fiaz | Mayor of Newham
David Walker | Author, The Lost Decade: 2010-2020 and what lies ahead for Britain
Andrew Harrop | General secretary, Fabian Society
Chair: Kate Murray| Fabian Society

One year on: can Labour win in 2024?

Ben Bradshaw MP | Labour MP for Exeter
Antonia Bance | TUC
Sally Gimson | Author, Building Bridges
Polly Toynbee | The Guardian
Anna Turley | Former Labour MP for Redcar
Chair: Luke Raikes | Research director, Fabian Society

Standing up for the country: what’s the left’s agenda for sovereignty and security?

John Healey MP | Shadow defence secretary
Malcolm Chalmers | Deputy director general, RUSI
Sarah Church | Labour Friends of the Forces
Paul Mason | Journalist and author
Chair: Lord Roy Kennedy | Treasurer, Fabian Society

Sharing the future: workers and technology in the 2020s

Yvette Cooper MP | Chair, Commission on workers and technology
Brando Benifei | MEP, S&D Group, Italy
Seema Malhotra MP | Shadow employment minister
Lauren Crowley | Community union
Chair: Josh Abey | Fabian Society, Commission on workers and technology

FWN FRINGE: Women’s centres: the foundation of a progressive economy?

Bridget Phillipson MP | Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury
Mary-Ann Stephenson | Women’s Budget Group
Rokaiya Khan | Together Women Project
Paula Harriott | Prison Reform Trust
Chair: Cllr Dr Kindy Sandhu | Fabian Women’s Network

SCOTTISH FABIANS FRINGE: Power to the People: devolution across the UK in light of the devolved nations’ experience

Douglas Alexander | Former MP and secretary of state for work and pensions
Alison McGovern MP | Shadow minister for culture and sport
Beth Winter MP | Labour MP for Cynon Valley
Martin McCluskey | Scottish Fabians
Chair: Catriona Munro | vice chair, Fabian Society & chair, Scottish Fabians

Home truths: how to make housing a vote winner for Labour?

Thangam Debbonaire MP | Shadow housing secretary
Alastair Harper | Shelter
Baroness Alicia Kennedy | Generation Rent
Chair: Emma Burnell | Journalist and commentator

Biden Vs Trump: Lessons for the European Left

Emily Thornberry MP | Shadow international trade secretary
John Halpin | Center for American Progress
Marcus Roberts | YouGov
Chair: Karin Robinson | Democratically:2020 podcast

FWN FRINGE: Women’s Mental Health: police stations and prisons – fit for purpose?

Sarah Jones MP | Shadow police and fire minister
Lord Keith Bradley | Author of the Bradley Review
Linda Bryant | Together for Mental Wellbeing
Chair?: Cllr Josie Channer | FWN

Trumped: Should we still fear the populist right

David Lammy MP | Shadow justice secretary
Sunder Katwala | British Future
Karolina Ziolo-Puzuk | Co-founder, Daszynski centre
Chair: Rory Palmer | Former MEP and Fabian Society executive

YOUNG FABIANS FRINGE: Britain and the EU: The personal, political and potential

Julie Ward | Former Labour MEP
Seb Dance | Former Labour MEP
Lara Parizotto | The 3 million
Hannah Fuchs | Young Fabians international network
Panny Antoniou | Young Fabians international network
Hunter Christopher | Young Fabians international network

The Early Years During Covid-19 and Beyond

Tulip Siddiq MP | Shadow early years minister
Sharon Hodgson MP | Co-chair of the Early years commission
Imran Hussain | Director of policy and campaigns, Action for Children
Cllr Gary Bridges | Executive member for children and schools, Manchester City Council
Chair: Ben Cooper | Fabian Society, Early years commission

SCOTTISH FABIANS FRINGE: A Year of Failure in Education – how can activism make a difference

Wes Streeting MP | Shadow minister for schools
Michelle Codrington-Rodgers | President of NASUWT
Barry Black | Scottish Labour candidate for North East Scotland 2021
Chair: Eva Murray | Young Scottish Fabians

YOUNG FABIANS FRINGE: Revitalising Labour’s rural policy

Baroness Sue Hayman | Shadow Defra spokesperson
Cllr Doina Cornell | Leader of Stroud district council
Hywel Lloyd | Founder, Labour Coast & Country
Guy Bhana | Labour Doorstep
Co-chair: Cecilia Eve | Vice Chair, Young Fabians
Co-chair: Tina Bhartwas | East of England Young Fabians

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