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The Fabian Society’s retail taskforce

Productivity and Pay: the Fabian Society’s retail industry taskforce


In January 2017, the Fabian Society published the findings of a year-long taskforce charged with findings ways to improve productivity and pay in the UK retail industry. The taskforce was supported by the Trust for London and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The taskforce was chaired by Norman Pickavance, former Director of HR and Communications at Morrisons, who advised Ed Miliband on employment matters before the General Election.The final report from the taskforce was launched in Parliament on Tuesday 31 January 2017.
The final report from the taskforce finds that changes in the retail landscape could lead to more than 1 million job losses or a race to the bottom on working conditions. Despite this, the government’s industrial strategy continues to ignore the UK’s largest industry.The taskforce was established to look at how productivity and pay could be improved in the UK retail sector as it undergoes a dramatic transformation. Drawing on public hearings, expert testimony and the insights of people working in retail, the taskforce proposes a 10-point plan for how the government can support retailers to improve jobs, grow the economy and revitalise community spaces.
Read the final report here
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Taskforce members

Please click here for a list of taskforce members and biographies.


To listen to the hearings, please click here.

The taskforce held a series of public hearings with leading practitioners and experts on how we create better jobs in the changing retail landscape.

Speakers included representatives from Accenture, the John Lewis Partnership, the British Retail Consortium, IKEA, Virgin Unite, the Smith Institute, the Living Wage Foundation, Kurt Salmon, the Resolution Foundation and Usdaw.


Lead researcher

Cameron Tait

Cameron Tait is head of the Changing Work Centre and senior research fellow at the Fabian Society.


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