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A clear case to invest in children's mental health

Children’s mental health: a clear case for investment and reform

Three children in every classroom in England are likely to have a diagnosable mental health problem. Two thirds of these children and young people will present with behavioural problems. Children who...

A fight for parity: Channel 4's Bedlam and mental health

“This is my life.” “I’m scared.” “I love it here. You get so much support and help.” These powerful, lasting words were three of the things uttered in the second episode of Channel 4’s Bedlam on crisis care last week.


Are our mental health services in crisis?

There is an increased demand for mental health services in Britain, but we are failing some of our most unwell and vulnerable people.

Last week, the Health and Social Care Information Centre published its annual report into the use of the...

Meeting the mental health challenge

This week the Centre for Mental Health, along with five other national mental health charities launched their mental health challenge to councils in England. Islington Council in north London was one of the first 10 local authorities to sign up....

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