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Where now for Labour?

The recent election results were a mixed blessing for the Labour party.  Despite coming first in terms of national vote share in the local elections and seeing the further collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote, the successes clearly did not...

Election 2014: The numbers

Labour seats where Labour lost the popular vote in the 2014 local elections
Party names in brackets in the 2010 columns indicate the main competitor party in 2010 where this is different from 2014.
There were 9 Labour seats where the party...

Election 2014: the experts view

How did Labour do in the local and European elections 2014? The answer is more complicated than you might think. While the party undoubtedly did well in its urban strongholds of London and Manchester, a more detailed analysis reveals deep...

No Complacency

Dear Ed,

I have seldom seen a set of local elections about which so much rubbish has been talked, even if the 2014 results were a particularly confusing mixed bag.

The media commentary that Labour had done appallingly was initially badly overdone,...

Work and Business: Healthy competition

Pollsters scored Ed Miliband’s promise to freeze energy prices as the hit of the 2013 conference season, and the intervention did his personal ratings no harm at all. It signalled both Labour’s newfound muscularity over corporate interests and a welcome...

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