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The Fairness Instinct

The public may not like the idea of having to make lifestyle changes, but are prepared to do so once they understand the broader social issues at stake. Politicians need to recognise this and set a credible policy framework that can foster a shared sense of environmental citizenship, rather than attempting to sell polices by appealing to consumer self-interest.
Edited by Ed Wallis
March 2012

Winter 2011

The economy's broken - with new polling showing public appetite for a fairer, more sustainable capitalism, the Fabian Review explores how we might fix it.

From Workhouse to Welfare

2009 marks the centenary of one of the most important moments in British welfare history: the publication of Beatrice Webb's Minority Report on the Poor Law . From the Workhouse to Welfare: What Beatrice Webb's 1909 Minority Report can teach us today is a...

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