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Restoring Trust

Michael Shanks MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West and shadow Scottish minister reflects on his first six months as an MP and why he believes politics can still make a difference.

Squaring the circle

If Labour should win the next General Election it faces the Herculean task of juggling public service revival, cost-of-living crisis mitigation, and fiscal credibility. Daniel Coleman, an economist and Edinburgh Labour campaigner asks how does Labour fix public services and deal with poverty amidst a fiscal crisis?

Time to act for future generations

For too long we have seen policies that prioritise short-term outcomes with little or no regard for their long-term implications. It's to make fundamental and comprehensive changes to the way that Governments make decisions, writes Sarah Boyack MSP.

An international outlook

The Scottish government must act now so Scottish students don't miss out on the opportunity to study in Europe, Dominic McCarron, a Young Scottish Fabian member writes about his own transformational experience.

Show don't tell

Maggie McTernan of Elect Her calls for a culture change in politics, abuse and harassment should not just be "part of the job"

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