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George_Frederic_Watts,_1885,_Hope Gordon Brown on hope

In this extract from his memoirs, the former prime minister reflects on whether he was a politician out of season

Radical London Radical London

At dawn on the 21 September 1960 bailiffs crashed through the roofs of two council flats in the St Pancras district of central London. After hours of fighting they finally evicted the tenants but what followed was some of the...

What vacuum?

Are the more than half a million members of the Labour party really ‘intellectually incoherent’? I joined the Labour party in 1958 when Hugh Gaitskell was the leader. Two years later I joined the Fabian Society. Sometime during the Blair...

The rise of the golems

Anti-establishment politics will always end in tears for mainstream parties, argues Allen Simpson...

The blame game

Poor places are not responsible for their own poverty and nor do the people who live there cause their own stigmatisation, argues Stephen Crossley
“Certain milieus gather reputations for moral inferiority, squalor, violence, and social pathology, and consequently they objectify the...

Negotiating Brexit: A road to nowhere?

As Brexit talks continue, Simon Usherwood assesses progress so far
Much ink has been spilt over Brexit and its myriad dimensions since last summer’s referendum. However, as the UK works its way through the opening rounds of the formal Article 50...

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