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Salmond won't address inequality inside Scotland's borders

This year in Scotland, the division between ‘nationalists’ and ‘unionists’ is the one that will dominate our political debate. But for those of us who care deeply about Scotland and our country’s future, this should be deeply worrying. And for...

Why Scotland's white paper missed the mark

As Alex Salmond launched the white paper this week, he proclaimed that it was a “mission statement and a prospectus for the kind of country we should be and which this government believes we can be.”

Now, I am a self-confessed...

Dancing a constitutional jig

No Scottish wedding or new year celebration would be complete without traditional music and dancing. Yet while ceilidhs can be huge fun, if find yourself dancing an unfamiliar reel, it is an experience that can leave you dizzy (and a...

Labour and the devolution debate

Less than a year from now Scottish voters will have decided whether we want to remain part of the UK or whether we will have voted for independence.

While opinion polls suggest that people remain unconvinced by the arguments of the...

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