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Pentonville 2 Fixing the windows

“If you don’t fix the first broken windows, soon all the windows will be broken.” Those are the words of American political scientist, James Q. Wilson, one of those behind the ‘broken windows theory’ on the impact of the environment on crime. According to Wilson, if a few broken windows on a street were left unrepaired, more serious vandalism tended to follow...

Unpicking the web: A genuine rehabilitation revolution

It seems the furore over Chris Grayling’s decision to ban books being sent to prisoners has attracted more public attention than his plans to privatise 70 per cent of the probation service. As one civil servant at a recent roundtable...

A super-size mistake

As the Ministry of Justice announces that a ‘super-prison’ will be built in North Wales to house up to 2,000 inmates by 2017, it seems that Chris Grayling will be keeping any hopes of meaningfully rehabilitating offenders safely behind bars...

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