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The Schulz factor

Charles Lees assesses the prospects for Europe’s oldest social democratic party in the forthcoming election and beyond
As we approach this September’s federal elections, the SPD’s prospects of unseating Angela Merkel’s grip on the Federal Chancellor’s office look increasingly bleak. After...

Germany’s social democrats

After Martin Schulz became leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and was nominated as its candidate for the German chancellery, it looked like a political myth had finally been proved wrong. Up until the nomination of Schulz in Spring...

A taxation revolution

My brother-in-law Ludwig died on Saturday 11 March, 2017. Ludwig was 62 this year, so he lived into old age for someone born with the health problems he was born with. In recent years he had severe dementia. He didn’t respond...

The benefit of the doubt: Germany's coalition deal

This Wednesday, German politics produced a big buzz.

The final draft of the coalition treaty between the Union parties (CDU and CSU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) was signed. The 170 pages contain much ‘styrofoam language’, designed to cushion the mentalities...

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