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Listen again: What can austerity Britain afford for older people?

Following the launch of our cross-party report published with CentreForum and BrightBlue, The Generation Game, this panel explored how the government's spending choices will impact on older people and other vulnerable sections of society. We were joined by Debbie Abrahams MP (shadow...

Listen again: Fabian Question Time

At this year's Fabian Question Time, we welcomed Ben Bradshaw MP (Exeter), Angela Rayner MP (Ashton-under-Lyne), Yvonne Roberts (chief leader-writer, The Observer) and Andrew Harrop (general secretary, the Fabian Society) to discuss unity under Corbyn, what the Party should do in opposition, and...

Listen again: How can Labour win back older voters?

As part of the Fabian Fringe, we brought together Caroline Flint MP, Caroline Abrahams of Age UK, Andrew Harrop and YouGov's Peter Kellner to discuss how Labour can regain trust among older voters. Catch up on what was said below,...

The Art of Opposition series

Political cross-dressing: Tess Lanning says the revival of compassionate conservatism means that Labour will have to move out of its comfort zone.

Show and tell: Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, and member of the Communities and Local Government select committee,...

Sadiq Khan: A Fabian for London

The Fabian Society sends many warm congratulations to Sadiq Khan on his selection as Labour’s Mayoral Candidate for London.

Sadiq is a leading member of the society’s elected executive committee and was chair of the society from 2008 to 2010. In...

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