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Our common endeavour

We need a politics for the here and now, not for the then and gone, argues Phil Wilson MP...

Labour's purpose

So that was the election that was.

The outlandish victory predicted for the Conservatives has ended up on the rocks of a hung parliament, with the Labour party believing it will only take the tide to rise once more for Jeremy...

In tune with the times

The story goes something like this: back in the 1920s, when jazz was just getting into its stride, someone asked Louis Armstrong, “What is this thing called jazz?”

“If you’ve gotta ask,” the musician replied, “you’ll never know.”

I relay this anecdote,...

A genuine progressive alliance

Labour is a party of strongly held values. We believe in those who can helping those who cannot. We implore people, as in the words of the parable of the good samaritan, ‘to go and do likewise’. Our belief in...

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