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Making the case for public spending

This report published by the TUC and commissioned from the Fabian Society sets out how public investment will lay the foundation for future growth and prosperity.
By Robert Tinker
November 2015

Making the case for public spending

Making the case for public spending - a report published by the TUC and commissioned from the Fabian Society - warns that severe spending cuts are already undermining public service quality, and that if the Chancellor doesn’t rethink his plans...

Why collaboration is key to the next stage of school reform

In 1996 Tony Blair put “education, education, education” at the heart of his programme for government. After almost 20 years of profound social and economic change, they remain sound principles for office. But while the goal of a world class...

Stakeholder Schools

Dialogue and trust should be at the heart of how schools improve in the future in a new, more transparent system.
By Robert Tinker
September 2015

Memos to Ministers: The Treasury

Labour’s five years in opposition culminated in an election manifesto which married fiscal discipline with a programme for social and economic renewal. The document only contained fully costed pledges, but it also promised big solutions on issues from inequality to...

In It Together: Labour's new relationship with business

There are good reasons why a new approach to business - where concerns around economic long-termism, public health, environmental sustainability and strong local communities become integral to a profitable British business model - should appeal to both the political instincts...

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