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Getting a grip

STEPHEN BEER: The economy is in a mess – and Liz Truss’s approach will not fix it.
Labour needs to offer the prospect of radical reforms.

Missed opportunities

The story of the autumn budget this year is one of missed opportunities combined with a very big reality check, writes Stephen Beer...

Exit from the EU

What is happening to the UK post-referendum and how should Labour respond?

The decision to leave the European Union was, amongst other things, a shock to the economy. However, the economic and financial reaction so far has been mixed and has...

Credibility now

Labour’s new leadership intends to reset its economic policy. However, Labour needs to do much more than find the right policies. It needs to fundamentally rethink the basis for its economic platform, making sure it is relevant to today’s economy...

Labour and the Economy: Bridging the Credibility Chasm

“Credibility on economic policy is the holy grail of politics. If it can be obtained, the way ahead for a wide range of policies appears much clearer. Without economic credibility, it becomes almost impossible to convince the public of any...

The Credibility Deficit

To restore credibility, Labour should revisit its values: everyone should be able to participate in our economic life and inequality works against this. Applying these values will require Labour to take some tough decisions.
By Stephen Beer
September 2011

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