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The Changing Work Centre

The Fabian Society and the trade union Community are joining forces to launch the Changing Work Centre, a new research centre exploring the changing world of work. The Centre will be launched at a central London event that will feature...

Unemployment figures: Corbyn must get beneath the stats

The new unemployment figures released today give the impression our economy is nearly back to full strength, but scratch under the surface and things are far from rosy for many in the UK’s workforce.

George Osborne will no doubt hail today’s...

Hungry for Change

The government must do more to ensure households on low incomes have access to enough good quality food.
By Cameron Tait
October 2015

Memo to Ministers: Business, Innovation and Skills

Ed Miliband launched the Labour Party’s manifesto for the General Election by telling the nation that a Labour government will “change the way the country is run and who it is run for.” Behind Number 10, the most important department...

Transition by consent

The long-term low carbon transition can only occur with the consent of the public. Rather than a renewed focus on top-down solutions, communities need to be given a greater role in infrastructure design and development.
By Cameron Tait
January 2015

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