Join us to discuss “The five pillars of a Labour future”

‘Pint and Politics’ session: The five pillars of a Labour future

Labour wins when it points the way to the future – the plan for a welfare state in 1945, Wilson’s ‘white heat of technology’ in the 1960s, or New Labour’s embrace of the ‘third way’. But how can Labour best own the future today?


The 1942 the Beveridge report envisioned a welfare state designed to slay five ‘giants’: “want”, through social insurance, “disease” through an NHS; ”ignorance” through the reform of education; “squalor” through better housing ; and “idleness” through full employment. But what are the giants of today? What are the five questions that we need to answer to inform a clear vision of a Labour Britain? Are they the same giants in new form, or are our challenges fundamentally different? Does our vision need to be remedial or do we need a more imaginative vision in forging future prosperity? In these informal sessions we will aim to come up with five pillars of a Labour future through comradely discussion and debate.

Join us for a drink and a chat on Wednesday April 5th, 7.30pm at ‘The Canmore’ 25 Canmore Street Dunfermline KY12 7NU