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Will Corbyn end up coming to May’s rescue? by Noel Foy

The second great European debate drags on, generating much heat and absorbing vast amounts of media attention and parliamentary time. Depending on your point of view, a new golden age…

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The Tyranny of the Tiny by Martin McCluskey

Our new Executive Committee member Martin McCluskey writes about how politics has never felt so small; Last week, Elon Musk launched a rocket that could take a man to Mars….


Nationalisation; Labour future or Labour history?

Two Fabian members, Chris Davison and Scott Nicholson discuss whether Labour is right to pursue a policy of nationalisation: Why Scottish Labour should pursue a public ownership manifesto by Scott…

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The Grown Ups in the Room

Peter Russell, Scottish Fabian and one of the founders of our Future Choices for Scotland project reflects on Keir Starmer’s recent speech on Brexit: There are two great problems in…

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Real choice or more of the same?

Richard Leonard,  writes for the Scottish Fabians setting out his political vision and offer to Scottish Labour: The Scottish Labour Party faces a choice: real change for Scotland or more of…

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Looking to the future

One of the stand out features of the GE 2017 campaign was it’s energy and positivity.  In Scotland, Labour not only had a young female leader but had more younger members and women  involved  in the campaign…

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Time for renewal

Following on from the local election results, Margaret Curran thinks it time for Scottish Labour to up it game. With the SNP and the Tories determined to replay the referendum,…

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Keeping it local

Our national manager in Scotland, Katherine Sangster offers some thoughts on her first experience as a candidate. As a candidate in the upcoming council elections, over the last few months or so I…


Where’s our 100 year plan? by Scott Nicholson

  During this year’s Scottish Labour Party conference, I had a passing conversation with a long term Fabian and former Labour staffer who made the following remark: “We’re not looking…

Make Poverty History march, Edinburgh, 2005

Hope is essential for change

Ann McKechin on the need for political leadership that gives real grounds for hope.