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Margaret Curran (2)

Time for renewal

Following on from the local election results, Margaret Curran thinks it time for Scottish Labour to up it game. With the SNP and the Tories determined to replay the referendum,…

Polling booths

Keeping it local

Our national manager in Scotland, Katherine Sangster offers some thoughts on her first experience as a candidate. As a candidate in the upcoming council elections, over the last few months or so I…


Where’s our 100 year plan? by Scott Nicholson

  During this year’s Scottish Labour Party conference, I had a passing conversation with a long term Fabian and former Labour staffer who made the following remark: “We’re not looking…

Make Poverty History march, Edinburgh, 2005

Hope is essential for change

Ann McKechin on the need for political leadership that gives real grounds for hope.


An interim constitution?

  COMMENT: Kenneth Fleming   Yesterday, the Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon announced plans that a draft Scottish Independence Bill will be published before the Scottish Parliament’s summer recess, as…