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Irish eyes aren’t smiling: the Northern Irish border is Brexit’s first real stumbling block by Chris Murray

Ahead of our Brexit event with Keir Starmer MP on the 29th September,  Fabian member and Research Fellow on Migration, Integration and Communities at the IPPR Chris Murray writes about…

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Did Labour to Conservative Tactical Voting Deliver Theresa May into Number 10?

Fabian member Mark Davidson has been looking at the figures from Thursday and its not as simple as some Nationalists are suggesting. Thursday’s General Election is only a few days…

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Time for renewal

Following on from the local election results, Margaret Curran thinks it time for Scottish Labour to up it game. With the SNP and the Tories determined to replay the referendum,…

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Keeping it local

Our national manager in Scotland, Katherine Sangster offers some thoughts on her first experience as a candidate. As a candidate in the upcoming council elections, over the last few months or so I…


Scotland, the Union, and Brexit: What Now for Scotland?

  Towards the end of last year the Scottish Fabians held a conference in Edinburgh to discuss the implications of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.  With Brexit…

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Politics in Crisis by Kate Green MP

Politics is in crisis – both internationally and here at home. Trump, Brexit and the rise of populism and nationalism pose a huge challenge and threat to a weakened left,…


What now for Scotland?

Scotland, the Union, and Brexit On Saturday 8 October the Scottish Fabians held a conference in Edinburgh to discuss the implications of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. With…

Scotland's Shine

Progressive patriotism: John Denham’s speech to Scottish Fabians conference

The voters of the UK have taken, by a small but decisive margin, the biggest foreign and domestic policy decision of the past 40 years. In the process it has…


Osborne’s Gramscian supremacy

A new Compass paper, The Osborne Supremacy, interprets the successful strategy the Conservatives have pursued since 2005 in Gramscian terms, and considers the prospects for an effective Labour response.


Tsunami: Scotland’s Democratic Revolution

Tsunami: Scotland’s Democratic Revolution is the third in Iain Macwhirter’s series of books attempting to map Scotland’s fast changing political landscape. It is indicative of the extraordinary speed with things are moving – and Macwhirter’s industry – that this is the third book he has published in two years.